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Sweetwood Jerky & Meat Sticks

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Welcome to Sweetwood Jerky Company in Steamboat Springs, Colorado! Inspired by
over 100 years of ranching in the Rocky MountainWest, our homemade jerky is
trail tested and made to satisfy the cowboy in you! Rip open a bag and try some

Sweetwood’s Mission:

Our Mission at Sweetwood is to promote American agriculture and the Western way
of life. As a family owned company from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, we promise
to give you only what we would feed our own families, so you can be confident
that the meat you buy is Naturally Raised and delicious every time. We stand
behind every order shipped from our headquarters in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
– if you’re not 100% SATISFIED with your Sweetwood experience, it’s on us

• Certified Grass Fed • No Nitrates Added • No MSG Added

• Gluten Free • Lean Protein • Always Moist & Tender



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No Whey ! Chocolates

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No Whey! Chocolates

Day In and Day out the Chocolatiers at No Whey ! are hard at work creating the finest dairy free, nut free, and gluten free chocolate truffles and gourmet chocolates to indulge chocolate lovers for all types.

No Whey! Chocolates are suitable for those with milk allergy, peanut & tree nut allergies, as well as egg and gluten allergy sensitivties.

Vegetarians, vegans and lactose intolerant as well as Kosher Pareve consumers and food allergy sufferers can now enjoy quality milk like, though dairy free chocolate!

No Whey! creates their milk free and nut free chocolates using a signature blend of roasted cocoa beans and cocoa butter-no shortenings, or coatings.

Each piece of No Whey! Lactose free hand crafted vegan chocolate receives the utmost in care making it so special.


Missy J’s Snacks & Treats

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Missy J's Snacks & Treats

All The Joy, None Of The Guilt!

These delicious Missy J’s carob bars are Gluten Free, Vegan, Caffeine Free, Non GMO, Corn Free, Soy Free and only sweetened with Coconut Sugar.

Health Benefits Of Carob

There are many great health benefits to the miraculous SUPERFOOD carob. Carob has been used for centuries as an alternative to chocolate.Carob is Gluten Free, Caffeine Free and naturally sweet. Carob also contains Vitamins and Minerals. It is an excellent source of vitamin E, has Thiamin (vitamin B), Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Niacin (vitamin A), alpha-tocopherol, ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) and is high in potassium and magnesium. Carob also contains tannins that are rich in Gallic acid. Gallic acid provides anti-allergic, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial benefits.

Garden Spot Foods currently carries 4 different Missy J’s carob bars to choose from:

•243675 Peanut Quinoa Crunch Carob Bar
•243660 Coconut Almond Crunch Carob Bar
•243665 Hazelnut Crunch Carob Bar
•243670 Mint Lime Crunch Carob Bar


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ColorKitchen Banner 10% Off

A Rainbow Of Plant-Based Colors
And Sprinkles For Your Imagination!

*Real Food Sources

ColorKitchen colors are the finest, most vibrant plant sources available.
ColorKitchen colors from nature are made from simple ingredients, containing pigments
extracted from turmeric, spirulina, beet and annatto.The colors are spray dried onto
a non-GMO maltodextrin, which preserves the vibrancy of the color, giving them a long
shelf life.

ColorKitchen Cup Cakes

*Natural, Vibrant Colors.

Made from plant-based colors. No Artificial dyes.
Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free.

•180240 Pink (Red Beet) Food Color: 10/.88 oz – $17.01(CS)* – $2.99 (SRP)
•180245 Blue Food Color: 10/.88 oz – $17.91(CS)* – $2.99 (SRP)
•180247 Green Food Color: 10/.88 oz – $17.91(CS)* – $2.99(SRP)
•180250 Yellow Food Color: 10/.88 oz – $17.91(CS)* – $2.99(SRP)
•180267 Cupcake Food Coloring Kit: 4/.30 oz – $19.19(CS)* – $7.99(SRP)
•180275 Pink Frosting Color & Rainbow Sprinkles: 6/1.3 oz – $26.95(CS)* – $7.49(SRP)
•180285 Green Frosting Color & Holiday Sprinkles: 6/1.3 oz – $26.95(CS)* – $7.49(SRP)
*Price reflects 10% discount valid through 12/31/18.

Violife 100% Vegan Cheese

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Violife 100% vegan, gluten-free cheeses


Introducing new Violife 100% vegan cheeses! Made with all-natural products, Violife is free from animal products, preservatives, soy, nuts, gluten, lactose and cholesterol. Your customers can be assured they are eating guilt and allergen free! They will also love the versatility of the chesses and how many ways they can cook with them. From pizza to mac & cheese the possibilities are endless with easy-to-melt Violife cheeses.

Violife was created in Thessalonica Greece by foodies dedicated to making 100% vegan, non-dairy products. They are committed to making harmless, clean, real food without compromising taste. Violife has been able to create a wide range of cheese from wedges, blocks, slices and everything in between.

Garden Spot Foods is happy to carry a wide variety of Violife Cheeses in slices, blocks, and wedges!

143460 Just Like Feta Block: 12/7.05 oz. – $54.48 (CS) – $6.49 (SRP)
143435 Just Like Mature Cheddar Block: 13/7.05 oz. – $45.37 (CS) – $4.99 (SRP)
143445 Just Like Mozzarella Block: 13/7.05 oz. – $45.37 (CS) – $4.99 (SRP)
143450 Just Like Mature Cheddar Slices: 12/7.05 oz. – $48.60 (CS) – $5.79 (SRP)
143455 Just Like Smoked Provolone Slices: 12/7.05 oz. – $48.60 (CS) – $5.79 (SRP)
143465 Just Like Parmesan Wedge: 11/7.05 oz. – $49.94 (CS) – $6.49 (SRP)