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Covid-19 Response Plan

We continue to adapt to the changing environment created by COVID-19 and are preparing for and responding to the new and unique challenges created by this epidemic.

For our employees, we continue to reinforce safe practices and provide education and resources to keep everyone safe. All of our locations follow and communicate the CDC’s recommended guidance on behaviors like washing hands, social distancing, use of masks and protective equipment, and the cleaning of surfaces. We have implemented robust cleaning procedures, carefully follow food safety guidelines, and encourage employees to stay home if they are not feeling well.

In addition to implementing and reinforcing workplace safety practices, protocols for any COVID-19 positive test cases are in place to ensure that we are able to effectively and quickly respond to all potential aspects of COVID-19 mitigation. Personal health information for any of our employees is kept private, and we maintain confidentiality, while still doing all that we can to keep our employees, their families and our communities safe.

In the case of a positive test for COVID-19, we will partner with local health departments to investigate and coordinate a response. We will offer support to affected employees and seek to understand with whom they may have had close contact. Any employee who is at risk for transmission of the virus will be removed from work and paid for their time away from work using COVID related sick pay and benefits. We will work with local health departments and employees’ physicians to ensure that adequate quarantine is maintained for affected employees. Should any more extensive risk occur, we would coordinate with local health departments to make our customers and community members aware.

It is our goal to continue to provide services to our customers and communities as an essential business and part of the food supply chain for all the areas we service. We are committed to safe and responsible operations in all aspects of our business. From our family to yours, we wish you safety and health during this time.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our COVID-19 contact for assistance by phone at 315-437-4636 x227 or by email at

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