Garden Spot Foods

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About Garden Spot Foods

For over 30 years Garden Spot Foods has been providing our customers with the highest quality organic, natural and specialty products available, by partnering with brands that also believe in supplying only the best offerings.

The company traces its roots to the Shiloh Farms Community which was formed in 1942 and began producing and delivering all-natural products across the United States.  We continue to offer over 180 Shiloh Farms Brand products including everything from wholesome pantry staples, such as beans and grains, to ready-to-eat snacks.

Garden Spot Foods has expanded on this tradition, and we now offer a wide assortment of branded items that are organic, gluten free, vegan as well as many other attributed offerings. 

In addition to providing 3rd party fulfillment services, we operate the GlutenFreeMall.com eCommerce site.  Founded in 1998, GlutenFreeMall.com provides high quality gluten free products that are both dry and frozen, and are shipped directly to the homes of consumers.

Garden Spot Foods is proud to be part of the River Valley Holdings family.  River Valley is a family-owned and operated distribution company with over 10,000 products in the specialty, natural, ethnic, frozen, and health & wellness categories. We are committed to continue to provide creative and practical business solutions for our customers and vendor partners through our passion for innovative solutions and our commitment to excellence in all that we do. 

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