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Coconaise, The First Coconut Oil Mayonnaise

Coconaise mayonnaise is real mayonnaise made with eggs (organic eggs) and oil. Coconaise is not vegan and it does not taste like coconut.

Coconaise mayonnaise has exceptional fresh flavor because it is made with oils that are naturally resistant to oxidation. Low oxidation means fresh and healthy mayonnaise, and homemade taste. This is what mayonnaise is supposed to be!

Oxidation occurs when unnsaturated oils (like avocado,grapeseed, soybean or canola oil) and eggs are mixed with air. Oxidized oils have a fishy, metallic taste and cause inflammation and health problems. Conventional mayonnaise contains EDTA to prevent oxidation, but EDTA is synthetic and ruins mayonnaise flavor.

Choose your mayonnaise wisely!

Why Choose Coconaise?

Conventional mayonnaises (like Hellmann’s and Dukes) contain EDTA, a synthetic preservatic that prevents oxidation. But EDTA tastes terrible. It ruins the flavor of mayonnaise.

EDTA is banned by natural grocers like Whole Foods. Without EDTA, mayonnaise with unsaturated oils (like avocado, soybean, canola, or grapeseed oil) oxidizes quickly. The oil becomes rancid with a few days or weeks.

Oxidized/rancid oil tastes terrible-people say it is “fishy” or “metallic”. Also, oxidized oil is bad for your health. It causes inflammation and is linked to chronic health problems.

Coconaise is different. Coconaise is made with oils tha are naturally resistant to oxidation, like coconut oil and MCT (medium chain
triglyceride) oil. Coconaise has fresh mayonnaise flavor without the EDTA.

Low oxidation = fresh taste!

Small Batch Organics

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All About Small Batch Organics

Small Batch owner Lindsay had made her first granola sale at a small farm stand she opened in an old sugar shack in Peru, Vermont. As her business grew into a cafe and later included a general store, the granola sales continued. After selling the general store, Small Batch
decided to focus on producing granola at the request of their dedicated customers and community who wanted their steady supply of favorites to continue.

Small Batch has just finished building an organic certified and gluten free kitchen and have teamed up with some great small farms and artisan food producers to bring the best, freshest granola to your home table.

Health Benefits Of Eating Granola

Granola provides many amazing health benefits that include improving digestion, promoting weight loss, reducing cholesterol levels, improving energy levels, promoting healthy pregnancies & skin health. Granola is also a fantastic source of vegan protein, helps manage blood pressure, boosts the immune system and also reduces the risks of heart disease and cancer.

Conte’s Pasta

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Conte’s Pasta has its beginnings in the Abruzzi region of Italy, hometown of the company’s founder, Angela Conte. Angela and her husband immigrated to the United States in 1970 and brought with them a love for traditional Italian food. Just eight years later, Angela opened a restaurant featuring her famous handmade pasta, and the rest is history!

In the midst of the booming Gluten Free food scene, it can be difficult to identify products that are truly quality and will keep your customers coming back. Garden Spot Foods is proud to offer Conte’s line of Gluten Free Pasta because we’re sure its time-honored, authentic roots will provide the “true to original” taste that so many consumers are seeking.

Conte’s offers Gnocchi, Pierogi, Ravioli, Shells, Tortollini, Pizza and Microwave and Skillet Meals, all Certified Gluten Free and created with the customary methods that Angela brought straight from Italy. Along with help from her son, Mike, Angela is still in the kitchen at Conte’s and personally guarantees the quality of her products, so place an order today!

Buddha Breads

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Buddha Bread, Gluten Free Cheese Bread

Inspired by ancient South American recipes, Buddha Bread is a redesigned gluten free cheese bread, which has been shaped & frozen in raw dough form.

Using all natural ingredients, Buddha Bread bakes crunchy on the outside and soft & doughy in the middle.

You can quickly bake Buddha Bread at home to enjoy as a snack, side to your entree, dessert or stuffed with virtually anything.

If you love the taste of delicious bread, hot from the oven, Buddha Bread is sure to give you pure enlightenment … with every bite!

Partake Foods

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Gluten-Free, Vegan & Allergy-Friendly Cookies

Partake Foods makes super delicious cookies that are also gluten-free, vegan and allergy-friendly. Their cookies give delicious peace of mind to those with dietary restrictions. Partake believes that what they leave IN their cookies is just as important as what they leave out. Partake always sources the best ingredients and makes certain there is NO cross-contamination throughout their production process.

All of Partake’s products are Free from the Top Allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, milk, soy, fish, shellfish), and they take their commitment to being allergy friendly a little farther by also making their products mustard, sulfite, and sesame free. Partake complies with industry standards for allergen controls, which includes segregating allergens during ingredient storage and production and testing finished product allergens (peanut and gluten).

Try Partake Foods Mini Cookies today, available through Garden Spot Foods.