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A story of Garden Spot Foods from our founder, John Clough…

In 1942, a man by the name of Rev. Monroe was forming relationships and preaching to service men all along the east coast.  He opened his home in Western New York to these men, one of which was John Clough’s father.  The men living at Rev. Monroe’s home and surrounding farms called for their families to join them, creating the Shiloh Community. Their common goal was to live and work together in health and harmony. To help support themselves and sustain their lifestyle they created a bakery and butcher shop which became known for their hearty, healthy, all-natural products.  By the 1950s, people outside of the community requested the Shiloh Farms products which resulted in 5 trucks delivering product across the United States.  In 1960, the bread was exhibited at the Natural Food Convention in NYC.  It was a HUGE success!

Shiloh TrucksOver time, the community moved to the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and SHILOH FARMS expanded its offering to include grains, nuts, honey, dried fruits and preserves.  Feeling that the heart and soul of Shiloh’s business was on the east coast John picked up his family and moved the Shiloh Farms distributing business to picturesque Lancaster County.  Here he began Garden Spot Foods as a way to meet our customer’s needs.  As John got more involved with the organic and health food movement, even serving as the president of Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO), he formed relationships with specialized food vendors and made the leap of faith into the Gluten Free Market.

Today GSF has expanded our offering from just Shiloh Farms to include a wide variety of organic, gluten free, kosher, and other niche specialty foods.